Sunday, July 26, 2009

I have just finished the last of my summer projects. I have spent the day getting the sewing room clean and re-organized so that I can begin the fall season. I spent the last 2 Saturdays shopping to stock the shelves with new fall/winter fabrics. So, I am pumped and ready to begin.

Here are the last 2 summer items for the grandchildren.

The little boy outfit should have been done much earlier but just got side tracked and did not get it. A true old fashion summer suit for the little man.

The strip t-shirt was bought by my daughter -n law the other week and wanted something added to it. Somehow the blue and white just said 'beach' to me. Fun in the Sun.

There was one more outfit that I did not get pictures of before it left the house. Maybe when I receive some, I will get it posted.
I can't wait to get started for all.....please look back to see what I come up with.