Tuesday, August 4, 2009

I have been sewing on several items. I was cleaning out my summer fabrics and pulling out the left over fall. I found several scraps large enough to make something out of and this changed my focus........the below is for Lola.....have not decided how to finish the bottom of the pants.
I also had started some place mats doing free hand quilting on them early summer and they are not close to complete, so put a little time in on those.
The placemats may not get finished until Spring.....they will be just an occasional time out from clothing. I have divided each into 4 triangles and was doing opposites in the same stitch, I have not decided what to do on the other but I really don't think that doing the whole thing in this tight of stitch is what I want. Offer suggestions if you have thoughts.

I thought I was finished with summer sewing and found 1 more t-shirt that Becky(daughter in law) had brought for Nora Ruth(granddaughter), and I had to get it finished. I really had trouble deciding what was appropriate and my husband suggested that I carry on the previous beach theme....and so I did....Yea summer sewing is complete!

I seem to lose focus and jump from one project to another.....must do better.
I have a question for anyone with an answer. When you use the satin/grosgrain ribbons, what do you do to keep them from fraying? I have tried the liquid Fray Check but it darkens the ribbon and after a few washings it's power is gone. Please share secrets.


  1. Everything looks so adorable.

    Check out http://juliassewsweetandspecial.blogspot.com/ . She is a grandmother, too, who makes money with her sewing. She makes some really great things. If you haven't already discovered her, please leave her a comment and let her know I sent you. Have a great day!

  2. Oops! I just noticed that you have Julia's blog on your blog list. Glad you have already found her. I love her blog. You have a great blog, too.

  3. Hey! I had not seen Nora Ruth's beach theme t-shirts. Love them!! May have to have a couple made for next summer. I really love the seahorse!