Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Starting Fall

I have been very busy at work. Deadlines to meet and our senior team member is retiring. Trying to spend as much time "picking his brain" as I can. We had his luncheon today and tomorrow will be his last day. We will be on our own.
Very little sewing and still not starting many fall items. I did finish the little set for Lola(granddaughter). It did turn out cute and Angela(Daughter,Mom) was excited.

Julian(grandson, Lola's twin) is in the 'potty training' stage. He has Cerebral Palsy and has braces on his legs. Angela said that it is very hard to get him ready to sit on the potty. He can not stand so sitting is his only option. She came up with the idea to open the side seam of his shorts so that they would be easier to get over the braces. So, I had fixed one pair with velcro several weeks ago and she found it to be helpful, so this time I tried one with gripper tape.

Then I started on the fall sale items for my Etsy store. This was also left over material from last fall that I found in the box. I did purchase the red dot. This is a size 6-7 and I was very pleased. I stacked the buttons to get the same affect as the dot. I will get it posted on the store maybe next week. I am going to run a final summer sale before I remove the summer items and start adding the fall.

I have cut out 4 more outfits for the grandchildren but want to get several more items for the store before I really begin sewing for them.
Must get on to next project.

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  1. I love the set you made Lola! I can see why your daughter was excited.

    Nice sewing!