Sunday, September 13, 2009

Fall is coming, just Look

I have been busy this week.  I did get all the squares done for Lola's jacket, but did not get further on this project when I decided to take off on something else.

Little play clothes for the grands became the focus this week.  I picked up my embroidery machine last weekend and had to see if it was working correctly.

Lola's is a pattern from Embroidery Library of the Paisley Pets.  I did not want to make Halloween themed outfits like last year so I thought this would serve the purpose.  Lola has seen the cat but not the whole set.  I was a little hesitant that it might not be as bright as she would ususally want but her comment was " I Like the Kitty" so I knew that it was going to be fine.

I have not gotten the pants made for Julian yet.  I tried to convince him that the Paisley gekko was going to be for him.  Ted(his dad) tried to help me out but Julian kept saying that he wanted a cat.  Finally Angela said that a dog would be great!  So here it is, another pattern from Emb. Lib. of the patchwork animals.
I had Nora Ruth yesterday and she seemed disappointed that she did not have anything on the table.  I showed Becky(her Mom) my new patterns.  Becky chose the Retro Owl.  While Nora was napping, I worked very quickly to get hers embroidered so that she would be suprised.  Her comment when I showed it to her was, I like the cat better.  I did not win. I haven't completed her pants either but the owl finshed up beautifully.
I did get one outfit complete for sale, it will be listed on the Etsy site when I get better pictures.  I call it the 'funky monkeys' and they are patchwork similar to the dog.
Seems the machine is working well.  I have a couple of things to get out for friends this week so I will have another busy week.  I have a fall romper to get made for a birthday present and an outfit similar to these  above for a friend that works in the office with me.
On to the next projects.  Have a great week.

Monday, September 7, 2009

Labor Day Project

I hope that everyone has a fun day planned for the holiday.  I have no great plans, just to work on the new project that I started this weekend.

I have never attempted much in the way of quilting.  I have pieced 2 quilt tops over the years but it has been many years back.  I was looking in an old issue of Creative Needle and there was a beautiful dress where the bodice was made from crazy quilt.  I wanted to use that technique to make something so this new jacket project was conceived.

I was in Heirloom's Forever(wonderful shop in Tupelo, MS), to pick up my embroidery machine that was being serviced on Saturday, and began to look for the fabrics.  I wanted to do this in lavender, but when Geeds questioned as to who this was for, and I named Lola, he quickly reminded me that pink was her favorite color.

Here are the chosen colors.
I did get the lavender for my trim color. I have 3 different square designs.
I have most of them cut and I am using different trims on each square. I am using decorative stiches, rick rack, braid and laces for the embelishments. 
I have about 8 squares completed and I think that it will take about 26 to complete the project.  I have cut out some of the large flower patterns to use as applique on several strategic locations on the jacket.  The jacket will be just a simple round neck, rounded tail, quilted jacket for playing in. 
This will be an ongoing project, because I have many others that I will work on in between. I will keep posting the progress.
I'm off for now to get busy for the day.
Enjoy your holiday.