Monday, September 7, 2009

Labor Day Project

I hope that everyone has a fun day planned for the holiday.  I have no great plans, just to work on the new project that I started this weekend.

I have never attempted much in the way of quilting.  I have pieced 2 quilt tops over the years but it has been many years back.  I was looking in an old issue of Creative Needle and there was a beautiful dress where the bodice was made from crazy quilt.  I wanted to use that technique to make something so this new jacket project was conceived.

I was in Heirloom's Forever(wonderful shop in Tupelo, MS), to pick up my embroidery machine that was being serviced on Saturday, and began to look for the fabrics.  I wanted to do this in lavender, but when Geeds questioned as to who this was for, and I named Lola, he quickly reminded me that pink was her favorite color.

Here are the chosen colors.
I did get the lavender for my trim color. I have 3 different square designs.
I have most of them cut and I am using different trims on each square. I am using decorative stiches, rick rack, braid and laces for the embelishments. 
I have about 8 squares completed and I think that it will take about 26 to complete the project.  I have cut out some of the large flower patterns to use as applique on several strategic locations on the jacket.  The jacket will be just a simple round neck, rounded tail, quilted jacket for playing in. 
This will be an ongoing project, because I have many others that I will work on in between. I will keep posting the progress.
I'm off for now to get busy for the day.
Enjoy your holiday.


  1. That's really pretty fabric. It looks awesome when pieced together.

  2. Okay, this will be one of those wait and sees. I am sure that it will turn out GREAT but, I just can't picture it yet. Love you!