Wednesday, January 12, 2011


The holidays were great!  Nature provided a surprise for Mississippi in the form of snow.  Not enough to play in, but enough to set the mood.

David and I had vacation time and all the family was home and well.  The house was constantly full because everyone was in an out to spend time with Greg, Julie and Nathan.  They only get home once a year. Lola was one of the little ones who enjoyed having Uncle Greg around to play and read. 
My Mom(82) was very excited to get to spend time with her 5th Great Grand, Nathan.  This was their first visit together. 
David and I had a wonderful time with the newest addition.

And hated to see Greg and Julie leave to go home to Texas.

New Year's came in quietly and then return to the normal routine.  I am really glad that there is a job and routine to return to.  Another thing to be thankful for in 2011.

Sewing: Original idea was that I would be done with the sewing for the grandchildren and have about 2 months to try my hand at completing some of those quilt projects before starting on Spring sewing.  I am running about 2 weeks behind but almost there.

The outfit I completed this week for Lola has been a challenge.  The fabric was bought 2 years ago, and I new that if I did not get busy, there would not be enough to do anything with.  Finally started before Christmas.  Cut it out, using 3 corduroy fabrics, put it together and UGH!!!!

Not something that I could complete.

I went out to Everlyn's the Saturday before Christmas week  to see if she had something I could substitute.  And this patterned piece was the only piece left in her stash that came close.  It then took me lots of thought and digging in my stash to come up with a design and fabric for the trim, the pink check.

 But, here is the result.....and I am very pleased with the top.  I think it will be very cute with a little white blouse or turtlenectk.
I then had to complete the pants....They had originally been cut out with a ruffle in the plans.  Now, with the more tailored look of the top....ruffle not an option.  Again, put on the thinking cap.....I had to come up with a new design.  I pieced the legs to get them long enough.....thus the trim that would tie the pants to top.I
Very pleased and I think the colors will take her well into Spring.

Now, one more set of pants for Nora and Allie and I will be through with clothing and on to the quilts.
I am beginning to run plans for Spring through my head daily.  Hope I do not plan more than time's hard for me to leave off any after I have them planned.

Hope to show some quilting soon.