Thursday, October 11, 2012


Fall has arrived and I am still dealing with the slow progress of our kitchen, and my sewing room refresh.  I have been in somewhat of a mental slump for awhile now. I have been in this process for a year now and much of this time lag being my own fault.  The painter was in and out for 5 months.  Thought he would never get complete. I got the rooms back in place for the children to come home in July and I just could not bring myself to get started again after they left.  I finally got back on track in September.  I want to get complete before Christmas. Over the last several weekends we have gotten the tile backsplash done.  Very pleased!!

Here is the before

Here is the after

We still have a ways to go.  The drawer in the vacant floors....electrical sockets...floor mouldings.   But we are back on track.  Floors were scheduled for next week, but company called and pushed it out 2 more weeks. Maybe we can get more of our part complete before they arrive.
Sewing has been very lax while I have been in the household 'funk'.  Things were moved about so  much that of the time that I just could not get my mind and projects in order. 
I did finally complete myself a purse last week.  More of a backpack with added features.
I did the free hand quilting on the white design fabric and also created the black plaid with the chain stitch on the serger.

And I love the efficiency of a place for every thing, so I created the pockets for each thing. And the slots for credit cards.
Maybe this will be a positive step in getting me back on track to get sewing and completing the many projects I have on the table complete.

Saturday, March 24, 2012

Happy Spring!

I have not written in quite some time.  I keep up with the blogs but just have not taken time to post.
I really have not been doing much sewing.  We started kitchen remodel back in the fall.  It is not complete.  Had to put it on hold until after Christmas and then one thing and another and we are not complete.  The painter is suppose to get started this week.

February brought us a new grandson, Thomas Clifton Scott.  This is our youngest son,Clifton's 3rd child.  Clifton is in Med school in the Grand Cayman Islands.  He will come home in mid-April and move the family to the island.

Our grandson, Julian has been very sick for several weeks.  Julian has CP and after 14 days of not being able to keep food, and being hospitalized, they finally determined that his shunt system was really not functioning correctly.  He was transferred from Columbus to Jackson and underwent 2 cranial surgeries in 2 days. He is doind much better and will go back to school on Monday.

My Mom, 83 yrs old, had a stroke on the day that we transferred Julian to Jackson.  She was hospitalized in Columbus for several days and last weekend as we were bring Julian home, we were transferring her to Jackson to Methodist Rehab Center.  She has been through extensive evaluation and we are very encouraged.  We will be bringing her home on Tuesday.  She can eat, is very mobile, but her severe weakness is communication and problem solving.  My sister has been living with Mom for  year due to the loss of her job.  She has been staying with Mom in Jackson and said that the communication is improving daily.  We are so excited.  Long way to go, but a fighter.  I feel comfortable that she will return to a somewhat independent woman.

With all of this, I am getting excited about starting some summer sewing.  I have a couple of Easter outfits cut out and will have to get very busy in the next week.  I have completed some applique for the new grandson, Thomas, and his oldest sister Nora Ruth.

I hope to get more sewing done now.