Sunday, February 10, 2013

I have Labels!!
MANY PROJECTS on the table............

I have been wanting to develop a nice quick label process for the clothing that I make.  Found a great tutorial( this weekend and I am excited. 

Using Avery LightFabric transfer paper

and twill tape

My sister purchased this pattern(Vogue1165) on sale in November....said it was calling my name....something she knew that I would like.  I am finally getting to start it....

I purchased a  white on white fabric because I just do not like plain white but did not want much pattern to show
I have gotten the fronts pleated and the rest is cut and interfacings ready to work with.  Goal for the week is to complete...
Project  #3
I have 2 dresses to get started on for the Pilgramage in April.
Project  #4 
Mom is 84 and had a stroke a year ago.  She is doing a little slow communicating.....and really her only restriction is 'no driving'.  She has been independent all her life and this has been very hard for her to accept.  She has also sewn all her I was watching a Sewing with Nancy episode in the fall and saw a charity 'Tender Loving Care'.  This charity makes or provides clothing for the needy in the Apalachian area.  I ask Mom if she thought she could make some dresses for this project.  She tells me that she is ready to start.  She can not cut things out because of the arthritis in her I have two on the cutting table to get ready for her to give it a try.....I am excited....want her to continue to feel useful. 
Here are Mom's projects:

This little dress on the left will be made out of the historical Windham print.  I have made this pattern several times for the grandaughters and it is very cute.  I will cut this in a size 4.
The second one is a Andover print pair with a plaid that I have had in my stash for quite some time.  I am going to cut this in a size 8.
I am cutting fall outfits, because I do not want Mom to feel any not know how successful she will be, but if this turns out to be something that she can not handle, I will get them ready before the fall delivery.

Saturday, February 2, 2013

New Baby on the way......

My niece, Brittany, is expecting her second little girl, Amelia Joy.  Brittany saw a picture and shared that with her Mom(Joy) and I back around Christmas time.  We did not understand that this was similar to what she wanted for the 'Coming home' outfit.

Amelia was originally slated to arrive around Feb 22 but she seems pushing for an early arrival.  So, a couple of weeks ago, Joy received a text asking how the outfit was coming.  Since the earlier message was not clear....we had no idea what she was talking about.  So, once again we received the picture again. .....

I received notice on Wednesday that I probably had 10 days max to get the outfit it was delivered today. Not quite as dramatic a 'prison' uniform, but I think that it presents the same idea.

The next project will be 'Pilgramage' dresses for 2 of my grandaughters, Nora Ruth and Allie.  These are the fabrics I have chosen.  I took the measurements when they were here @ Christmas.  I will begin later this week and get them all done except hems and then I will have to wait for them to make it home to complete.

I have plenty of other projects to get done....but scheduling will be as time permits.