Thursday, March 28, 2013

Easter Ready!!
I have been working the last week to get this ready for Lola.  This pattern is from the OTTOBRE design book from Summer 2012.  If you are not familiar with this magazine it is from Finland and it comes with all the patterns.  There are 4 children's volumes a year and if you wish to subscribe, 2 women's.  I subscribed to the magazine for about 3 years but did not seem to get around to using the patterns.  So, I have discontinued.  I love to look through the books often and have now begun to use it more.
I made a domestic sample of the body before cutting this out.  The patterns are all in metric and British sizing.  It takes some getting used to.
I am very please, and I think that Lola will love it when I deliver tomorrow.

Sundress trimmed with pink gingham piping
 Knowing that all little girls want the summer dresses for Easter, but the weather always presents itself a little cool, I used a simple cotton knit to make the jacket.  This was also from the same volume of OTTOBRE.  I have never been very successful with the cotton knit.  It usually puckers and stretches.  I used a knit interfacing on the shoulder seams, arm sleeve hem, and jacket hem.  I was very pleased.  Maybe not be quite as stretchable as those that you purchase in the stores, but sure made up nicely.
cotton knit jacket
 Now that I have completed this.....taxes have to be completed this weekend so that I can get on with the top challenge from Fay's Sewing adventure.

Saturday, March 23, 2013

I have signed up for a sew-a-long with Faye's Sewing adventure.

I have never participated in these type of adventures, but I definitely need a boost to get me onto some sewing for myself.  I need spring clothes and her encouragement will be great!!

Can't wait to see what everyone creates.

I do not have a plan.....

Saturday, March 16, 2013

I have been having a great time lately @ the sewing machine.  The projects that I had on the table in February some are finished, others on hold.

The white blouse I was working on for myself, almost got complete.....up to the point when the sleeves were in....tried it on...and the sleeves were too tight on the upper arm.  Went back to the fabric store for more to re-cut.  I was tooo late....This project is on hold until I get a few things done for the grandchildren then I will get back to it before fall and see if I can work out the sleeve issue.

 Project #3 was the dresses below.
I have the Pilgrimage dresses ready for the granddaughters when they arrive at the end of March.  I will get the hems done when they arrive.
Allie's Dress
Nora Ruth's Dress


My niece had her second daughter on Feb 15, and was wanting a big/lil sis set for the girls. Got these completed and they are in the mail.

The twins, Lola & Julian, turned 7 this week.  They each wanted their own theme for birthday.  I decided to make them a T-shirt and cake to match. 

Lola wanted mermaids

Julian wanted monster trucks

I have made birthday cakes in the past but have never worked with fondant.  Found a recipe on the web for making the fondant and decided to play around with this.  This is edible playdough.
I made this up early to practice with the colors and do a test picture to make sure that I could get it presentable.
Today was the party at the horse arena.  Julian usually goes each week for his therapy and Lola has also been learning to ride.  Cakes were ready and all kids got to ride the horses, had a great day!!
Monster truck was harder because the pieces were larger and hard to move to the cake without distortion.
the mermaid pieces were smaller and worked better.
Lola is able to ride alone
 I Did not get a good picture of Julian on the horse but he had a great birthday party with his friends.

I will get busy this week and get Lola's Easter dress ready.  I purchase Julian's and have delivered the shorts/shirt in colors that will work well with Lola's.

Then I want to get several things for the kids for summer started.

Lots to do.....