Thursday, April 24, 2014

Gardening and Quilting

Monday was a beautiful day.

We had built and worked with these first 2 planters last year.  We put the planter's mix in them and was not successful with getting much to harvest.  I have added fertilizer this year and it is looking much better.  I have Sweet Peas, radishes, beets, cabbage, onions, mustard greens, broccoli.

Spent all afternoon working on the two new planter boxes ready.  Changed our soil content.  We first placed topsoil and then added the planter's mix.  Lot's of work to get this mixed but ready to plant.  Planted 2 varieties of tomatoes and 4-5 pepper varieties planted.

In the late evening, I began a new quilting project for Thomas. 

In the past several years, I had assisted Mom in getting quilts together for 2 of my grandchildren Nora Ruth and Allie.  These were done in the same predominate fabric, using different quilt patterns and different accompanying fabrics. 

Nora Ruth and Allie have a 2 year old brother Thomas.  At the present the three of them are sharing a room.  Their Dad is a medical student and they are living very conservatively.  Their Mom, is using their quilts as coverlets for the beds so I pulled out the scraps from the first 2 quilts to see what I can put together.  Think I have enough!!!!  No pictures yet.

As I mentioned the progress earlier on the UFO box.  Here are a couple of examples.
this was a corduroy jumper, cut by size 3,  now finished.....will find it  a good home this fall.
The below had been given to my Mom for her to make, a project to keep her occupied after her stroke.  We are going to contribute it to the Appalachian project this fall.  She had puckered the band around the top and I had to go back and straighten this and get the button holes and buttons complete.

The two below were originally cut out for Nora Ruth and Allie.  They are way past this size now.  Will find someone who needs them.  

Will be leaving in the morning go to Nashville to run the Rock N Roll Half Marathon.  I am very excited.....finally going to see if the old woman can complete the race.  One of the bucket list items.
This race supports St. Jude's Hospital for Children.
I have already signed up again for the St. Jude's Half Marathon in December(It was cancelled last year due to weather).  I feel that St. Jude's is a wonderful facility and I have worked with a children's camp where campers were patients. Wonderful foundation.
Hopefully next week will be more productive at the sewing machine.

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