Thursday, June 26, 2014

Puff Pastry

Apple Turnovers

I never buy fruit in bulk but a couple of weeks ago I bought a bag of apples.  These were to make a Fresh Apple Cake for Mom to serve at a luncheon she was having for some of her friends.  The apples sat in the fruit bowl until last weekend and I decided to keep from losing them it was time to peel and cook.

Apple turnovers are one of my favorite desserts though I have never been good at cooking the southern version called "Fried Apple Pies."

I asked Hubby to find me a good recipe and a search was done for recipes on the web.  I was busy working on the quilt that I needed to get finished and he loves food so he is always willing to help.

Several were presented but the winner was, Apple Turnovers, from Taste of Home.
This is probably a very simplified Puff Pastry.....I really have not looked for a recipe for Puff Pastry because I have been told that it was hard to make.

Nevertheless.....this taste and looked like the real thing.
Lucky for us that the recipe only made 4 turnovers.  I don't think we would have had enough will power to not eat more.

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