Friday, July 25, 2014

Stripes and Plaids

I continue to work to master the fit of sewing for myself.  I am using fabrics that are in my stash.  Many of these were originally purchased with the grandchildren in mind.  But, as life has buy more than you use and as the children grow and develop opinions.....these did not fall into something "liked" category.

I started with a shorts pattern that I have had in the drawer for a year. Simplicity 2191.  Since my last goof with the red stripe knit top,  I did go to the Pattern Reviews of this pattern before cutting.  Reviews were positive and gave me confidence to continue.
I basted and found that very little adjustment necessary.  I was using this pattern to try and replicate a RTW that I have just about worn the seat out of.  The RTW has a front fly, is somewhat fitted with  darting but has a draw string waist. 
To get this combination, I trimmed down on the waist of these shorts 1/2 inch and cut a band to be the finished width of 1".  I worked the buttonholes just to the side of center and added the draw string.

I then opened the stash closet to see what could be used for a top.  I had the option of white or a yellow stripe.  Stripe won.

Using a dress pattern that I had used earlier in the season and new that it fit, I begun to modify
to duplicate a top that I had seen in a RTW catalog.  The pattern that is becoming a TNT is Simplicity 5989.

The neckline is almost a square but fits nicely.  I wanted this to button up the front as the RTW that I was copying.  This was a very small piece of yellow stripe and I did not have enough material to cut double fold front placket.  I then felt the need to trim in some way to tie the stripe to the plaid.  The decision there was a simple piping around the neck.  This was fine but I wanted to add some 'decoration'. The curved scrap from the armhole was uncovered and the pockets were born.
I have worn this and top and shorts are very comfortable.  I think that the fit is good.  I am sure that both of these patterns will be used multiple times.  They are both quick to make and very versatile for the fabrics and trims that could be used.

Friday, July 11, 2014

White and Red

I have been trying for a while to get a complete outfit sewn and have finally made it. 

The pants are a white stretch denim purchased in Tyler, Tx @ a Hancock fabrics.  I used the  pattern M5142 that worked with in an earlier post and it will be one of the TnT's.
The top was a New Look experiment.  I was using some rib knit that has been in my stash for many years.  The plan was to make the short sleeve version with a contrast yoke.

As you notice, my version does not look like the pattern.  This was a very strange pattern.  The yoke(neck binding) was impossible for me to conquer.  It was supposed to be cut on the straight and folded.  In the picture see how straight the pattern is with only the curve seam to create the shoulder. My first attempt was with the white contrast. 
This buckled in both the front and the back.

I then tried to make my own pattern with more contour, a little narrower and a seam at the neck edge to get the rounding that I thought would make it lay against the chest.

This did not work either.  I then made a trip to pattern reviews to see if this was a known issue.  I found that others have had the same problem. (should have read before I started, lesson learned)
I asked my hubby to give me some help in determining how to save this top.  I had planned to put the bias binding and maybe some additional straps to assist in keeping this on the shoulders.  He pinched out a small amount in the back seam and it tightened up the neck line.  His idea was that the additional straps might look odd since the shirt did not drop off the shoulder completely.
The pattern had the seam in the back so it was easy to take it up.  The sleeves were very short, so I then added the bias to give them a little more length rather than turn them up to hem.

I am still not sure that the top will be comfortable.  Guess I will have to wear at least once to decide.  I am very narrow and thin through the shoulders and if the top stretches much....not sure it will be a keeper. Or, will add the straps later.

Monday, July 7, 2014

Kitchen Week

Kitchen Week

I have been very busy over the last week but not in the sewing room.  I have been in the kitchen.

Mom and Sis went to a friend's house because the apples were falling green and they picked up more than they could handle.  I purchased a Breville Juicer last year and quickly ran the apples through to extract the juice.

Blackberries were ready and I purchased 2 gallons @ the farmers market.  For some reason, I decided to pre-cook the blackberries before putting through the juicer thinking that I would get more juice.  This was a disaster.....Juicer does not work that way.  I was back to the old fashion way of putting through sieve and straining.....  Some times stupid just sets in.....I had run the blackberries through the juicer last year and it was a charm......

But, finally we have apple and blackberry jelly.
The weather has been wetter than normal for the month of June.  Donnie(D&G Farms-Nettleton, MS), the vendor that I get fresh veggies had an abundance of tomatoes that were ripening and splitting.  I got a great price and purchased 75 lbs.  These were transformed into jarred quartered tomatoes.
Tomato Juice.


and Relish.

The blueberries are also ready.  Saturday morning, Sis and I went to U-Pick @ Reese Orchard, Sessums, MS.  I picked over 7 lbs.  I spread them on newspaper to let the dew dry, tried to pick the stems off and bad berries out.  Placed on trays to freeze. Then Sunday morning I got them vacuum sealed and placed in the freezer.
 I put these up in cooking packages, some have 1 cup and some have 2 cups.  Then for what ever the recipe calls for it is already measured.  If they are just for eating I can use a small package. 

The tomatoes in my garden boxes are now producing well.
This was about half of this morning's pick.  I have given away to family several bags of the Roma's and cooked off a small cooking of tomato sauce from the ones that I have kept.  Spaghetti will be in the menu for this week.  The regular tomatoes are just coming in.  I will get to eat my fill of BLT's over the next couple of weeks.

Hope kitchen work will be slowing down  and I get back in the sewing room now.