Saturday, July 4, 2015

Happy Independence Day

I hope that everyone has had a great 4th of July.

Special thanks to all those that have ever served in our Military to allow us the freedoms that we experience in the US.

We, at our house, have had the greatest 4th in many years.  This was the first time that our 3 children and their families have been together in more than 4 years.  Amazing how life and time separates but what a wonderful day to celebrate family.

My Mom, Sister and one of her daughters were also table to join us for a wonderful time together.

The grandchildren had a wonderful time playing together all afternoon.  Reminder of all the wonderful youthful years when we also enjoyed the family times with our cousins so far removed from our lives now.

Geeds always provides plenty of food to satisfy everyone.  Even the youngest enjoy the ribs.

and Geeds gets to relax and enjoy all the family.
As we close for the day
We must all remember that God has provided us this wonderful land and freedom.
 Our forefathers understood this as our government was based on "In God We trust".
We must never forget and make sure that we close each day with our prayers of thanks.
And as we move into a new Presidential race, more than ever, our prayers should be for a God fearing leader.
God Bless America