Sunday, January 15, 2017

First Ever Quilting Class

  • Saturday was fun
  • paper piecing
  • instructor Amy Crunk
  • taught same square, many versions

  • pattern.....the center white(1) is the light blue in the pic above and then she used 4 strips on each side(pattern only shows 2)
The pic below show made as pattern above .

  • can modify number of strips and color placement to create maybe 10 different quilts

  • my samples

  • she had also found a similar pattern through pintress and created to show us the bounds are only our imagination

  • would I take another class
  • probably one day.....but my attention span only last about 4 hours
  • I think when I retired.....I lost all focus....I can't stay on task at home

  • no reflection on the instructor, Amy  was great and shared many more ideas than she had time to teach 
  • allowed pictures of everything she brought.....
  • Thanks Amy......

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