Friday, January 20, 2017

Hand Quilting

Saturday will be the anniversary of my getting Sadie
She was a birthday present from Hub 1 year ago.
She is a very  high spirited girl and has really been a challenge to train.
She thinks for herself.....and when outside so alert to noises and smells that her attention span for training is almost nil.
She has just in the last few weeks noticed that treats are good if you follow instructions.

She went Thursday to be spayed.....contemplated breeding but decided that she has almost eliminated my time for sewing  over the last year and that  as she settles down, I really want to return to the machine,

Last night as I was trying to watch and make sure that she was not licking stitches, I pulled out the quilt that needs hand quilting.
Item #10 on the UFO list

Following the lead of one of the others working on their UFO's;
I decided to set it out and try to dedicated at least 30 minutes daily to hand quilting.
Maybe this will not be too much to ask of myself.

As you can see, my stitches are not very uniform and not small.
but I continue to try.
I have not been successful using a hoop....very uncomfortable for me.
so free-hand is what I am doing.
When finished, this will be a first for me on hand quilting.

This quilt top was given to me by one of my Mother's friends.
She was cleaning out her closets preparing for the day she has to move to the assisted living environment.
She knew I loved quilts so I was gifted with this top and 5 other complete quilts that her mother made in the 40's and 50's.
I was very surprised.....and excited.  Will show pics of others later.

UFO list progress continues

UFO #5...I have completed 1(navy leggings)  of the six garments that I had on that list.
no pics yet.....want to get a top long enough to cover my bottom before I show progress

hope this UFO list keeps me pushing forward
resisting starting new.....

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