Monday, May 29, 2017

Military Thanks

This quilt-Rising Stars- is my display of thanks

to all those that have served this country and their families that have shared so much of their lives so that we all live free.

I hope Memorial Day has been a blessing for all.

Tuesday, May 16, 2017

MSU quilt complete

Item #16 on 17 ufos in 2017 list(not that 1-15 are complete) is complete.

I completed the MSU quilt in time for the church Auction May 6, to raise money for the youth mission trip.

They asked if I wanted to set a minimum and I did with the agreement that if it did not go for the minimum bid, I would make a $ donation to the mission trip.  I just could not bring myself to give my hard work away when I have 2 sons that are graduates of MSU.

So here are the pictures of my MSU quilt.(size 67x80) I guess that you could call this an adult size throw.  I don't think that it is quite long enough for a twin size?

Since MSU mascot is bulldog....grey fabrics have paw print and maroon has bulldog faces.
The top and bottom yield the "Yells" that are heard at all sporting functions.

This was longarm quilted by a lady in Brookwood, AL, Judy Windham.  She did an excellent job.
It's hard to tell but she outlined the wording twice and did a tight pebble around the letters.  When you get to see it in real life the letters really pop!

The back is also pieced making this a reversible quilt.
This is a black, the bulldog print, a maroon/white/grey plaid and the maroon that was used on the front for the border. The center was quilted with a big swirl and the border with a piano key.

Since I was hoping that this would sell big for the youth trip, I made a special storage bag.