Sunday, January 15, 2017

First Ever Quilting Class

  • Saturday was fun
  • paper piecing
  • instructor Amy Crunk
  • taught same square, many versions

  • pattern.....the center white(1) is the light blue in the pic above and then she used 4 strips on each side(pattern only shows 2)
The pic below show made as pattern above .

  • can modify number of strips and color placement to create maybe 10 different quilts

  • my samples

  • she had also found a similar pattern through pintress and created to show us the bounds are only our imagination

  • would I take another class
  • probably one day.....but my attention span only last about 4 hours
  • I think when I retired.....I lost all focus....I can't stay on task at home

  • no reflection on the instructor, Amy  was great and shared many more ideas than she had time to teach 
  • allowed pictures of everything she brought.....
  • Thanks Amy......

Friday, January 13, 2017

First finish of 2017

work has begun on 17 ufosin 2017.

Item #9 
on the list was an outfit that I cut out for Lola (before Christmas) hoping that it would get will be ready for her on Monday when she comes by....maybe I can get pictures of her wearing just on hanger.

Kwik Sew 3935
size S
Riley Blake Lavender and Navy striped cotton knit
(love the feel of this knit and it sews beautiful)

Lola will soon be 11, but I make her clothes by a size 6-8
the  leggings are out of a heavier navy knit.

Quilting Class
Saturday......going to a quilting class....not sure the pattern being taught.
It's scrappy though

Never taken a quilting class....not sure that I can sew in the midst
of all the attention gets very challenged if there is something(others) to watch.

I am taking an old Singer 221 Featherweight.
I begged this off my sister.....have never sewn much on it.
Think that it really needs some service but, I am going to give it a try.

I have a small box of scraps and a yellow bag of  yardage
red bag of tools
Sure I have enough packed to make 2 or 3 quilts.
Just could not make decision.

more later when I have returned.

Friday, January 6, 2017

17 in 2017 Challenge.....join or not join.....



I have been thinking about the challenge.....

I do all kinds of sewing....
home dec

What should I include?
How should I organize the list?

Here goes....
My 17 in 2017  list in no certain order

1. Complete the quilt of valor(complete the backing, sandwich,quilt)
2. complete the crib size quilt(sandwich and quilt)
3. Sandwich and quilt Lavender pinwheel
4. Remake 2 shirts that I bought on bargain table before Christmas
5. Complete six garments for me that are cut out
6. finish a pair of girl's overalls that I cut out about 6 years ago before the last granddaughter out grows the size......
7. embroidery on some blocks of Red/White quilt, sandwich, quilt
8. complete multiple shorts that are cut out for Etsy Shop
9. complete an outfit that is cut out for Lola
10. complete the hand quilting of a hand pieced quilt that was gifted to me
11. complete the window treatments for sewing room, one window completed, 2 to go
12.This will be a start......but the fabric was purchased.....a modern log cabin
13.  window treatments and bedskirt for the grandchildren's room.....material purchased about 5 years ago
14.  This will be another start.....quilt for my bed....materials purchased about 3 years ago
15.  window treatments for guest bedroom
16.  MSU quilt that I started for a church auction last not even finished
17. some pictures to add to the sewing room wall

Those are things off the top of my head
Did not even think hard or open the  closet to look
Sure there are more.....but I do not want to find out at this time.

Good luck to us all.....
maybe I will get a few done......Never seem to accomplish all I dream up in my head
Thanks  Pomegranate and Chintz for offering me a challenge.