Saturday, September 22, 2018

Blogger Quilt Festival 2018

It’s time for the Blogger Quilt Festival Fall 2018! Enter your quilts at AmysCreativeSide and share in the fun!

I am entering my "Born Wild" quilt.

"Born Wild" is the third quilt of a project for Christmas presents. I designed and pieced this in 2017 and hand quilted in 2018 with #8 perle cotton embroidery thread.

This all began because I decided to make a "soft and cuddly" quilt for a granddaughter. Themed around bunnies. Me, not thinking past what I was working on... "little girl" things....One day my husband said :what are you going to do for the brothers". brain had to go to work. And "Born Wild" is one of the results.

This design began on a trip into JoAnn's Fabrics to look for backing for the "girly quilt" the printed fleece seen on the back of the "Born Wild" quilt (below) caught my eye.

Loosing all true focus(forgetting about the girly), the cogs started turning.  "Wolf" became the theme. I began looking for flannels to flow with this fleece.  My thoughts were: flannel front, fleece back, no batting needed. These children live in Texas and don't even need cover......but that did not slow me down.

I lost my focus and got so busy on the new wolf idea, I almost forgot to look for the backing for the "bunnies". If my husband did not follow me around nothing would ever get completed.....because I jump.  But, bunnies ended up with fake fur backing.

Now, Hubby says "that is very soft and cuddly, how are you going to add the fur to the boy's quilts?"
Now enters the theme panel of the Wolf in fake fur.  

My hubby was very helpful in getting my pictures enlarged to the sizes I needed for the appliques, the quilt design took form.  I wanted the Wolf panel to be the focus, so I only used 2 other pictures.

The Wolf in the shadow of the moon.

 And the title block.

I hope that my grandson will love this quilt as much as I have enjoyed making it.  

Born Wild
Flannel pieced front
Fleece Backing
(no batting)
hand quilted with #8 perle cotton

Don't forget to share your quilts in the festival at AmysCreativeSide.

Wednesday, January 3, 2018

YEA! 2018 has arrived

2018 a time to restart!

In review of UFO list for 2017; (red=completed) Yea! 6; (blue=progress made) on 4.  I am pleased because these projects had been started from 6 months to 3 years.  Glad to have made this much progress.
1. quilt of valor 
2.  crib size quilt
3. lavender pinwheel quilt-did get quilted, needs binding
4.  remake 2 bargain shirts- only completed 1
5. completed 5 of the 6 garments that were cut out for me
6. finish overall's for granddaughter
7. Christmas quilt 
8. completed out fit for Lola
9. multiple pre-cut shorts for the Etsy shop
10. hand quilt/bind of Ann's Quilt-half quilted
11. sewing room window treatments
12. start log cabin quilt(all squares complete)
13. children bedroom window treatment/bedskirt
14. begin quilt for master bedroom
15. guest room window treatment
16. MSU quilt
17. fabric pictures

I also pieced 3 other quilts and one of these is complete  They were projects that I started in July hopefully to be Chrismas presents.

I hit a wall in the first week of October.  Mother(89y) was hospitalized for high blood pressure and my productive sewing life went down hill from there. After a hospital stay, she became a resident at our house with multiple issues. Resulting in finally moving her to a retirement center December 15th.  Needless to say, I got very little done in the sewing room.

Christmas came and went quickly; we made a quick trip to Texas;  New Year happened; I made a trip yesterday to Tuscaloosa, AL.

Today was the first time I have had a day to myself since October.  Oh, it was great!  It is nice to have a lazy day now and then.

I hope tomorrow I can get the house cleaned and prepare for 2018.

Sunday, December 24, 2017

Peace for Christmas

Image result for religious christmas images

May your Christmas be blessed with love and peace.
Remembering that Christ is the center of the holiday.