Friday, February 4, 2022

FMQ domestic machine

 I have been reading and watching  many YouTube videos on FMQ.

One of the best hints I found for basting first, then between the rows of pins fmq long basting stitches across the quilt To stabilize and then you can remove the pins before  actually starting to quilt.

Prepared my station with super slider, aurafil 50wt thread, quilters gloves and even a dog grooming rack with bungee cords  to lighten the load.

I began and was still having quit a problem getting consistency in pattern and stitch length.  Then, on a Facebook comment read "set speed on machine that your hands can follow, and you can mash the pedal down without thought."  One less thing to think about and it really is helping.


As you can see, mine is set a little less than mid way, and I still haven't hit mastery but doing much better.

Another hint was draw yourself a path.....and I rally hope the washable crayon markers come out afterwards.  I did a test, but it was fairly quick after drawing.  This may be in there a couple of weeks before I  get done.
You can see the red drawing 

Here i had quickly sprayed with water but it took long time to dry, so decided to leave other marks until through.

This whole project was begun just for me to have a fmq practice. Time will tell how it ends.

Wednesday, December 29, 2021

Scrappy Interlocked Blocks

 This was started just before Thanksgiving.  The flimsy  completed tonight.

Made completely from scraps, 2.5 inch and 6.5 inch pieces.  Pattern was titled Pretzel Twist, Fons and Porter, Quilting Quickly, May/June 2016.

The only changes I made was to vary the background  fabrics and enlarging by one row  to the width and 2 rows on the length. Final size 56x80.

I hope to free motion  quilt this on my domestic machine.

Wednesday, September 11, 2019

Stars quilt ready for label

I have stayed the course with this quilt.  It is quilted and bound.  All there is left to do is create a label.

The whole plan for this quilt was to see if I could use my machine and decently quilt one this size.
It is 66 x 90. I did it all free motion.  I planned the design for the 2 different squares, and if I ever do this again, it will be more fluid, not so many starts and stops.

I don't think the quilting shows up very well from the front.  Maybe a little better from the back.
I really wish that there was a way for stitch control on DM quilting.  My control is not real consistant.

I was extremely pleased with the back design. It truly makes this a reversible quilt.
It shows up as a much brighter red than it really is.

I also learned what the lady that usually does my long arm work has mentioned about the designed back.  Quilting through all that on the back is really tough on needles and the machine.

But, all in all, I am pleased.  I feel sure that this will become a donation quilt at some time.


FMQ domestic machine

 I have been reading and watching  many YouTube videos on FMQ. One of the best hints I found for basting first, then between th...