Wednesday, September 11, 2019

Stars quilt ready for label

I have stayed the course with this quilt.  It is quilted and bound.  All there is left to do is create a label.

The whole plan for this quilt was to see if I could use my machine and decently quilt one this size.
It is 66 x 90. I did it all free motion.  I planned the design for the 2 different squares, and if I ever do this again, it will be more fluid, not so many starts and stops.

I don't think the quilting shows up very well from the front.  Maybe a little better from the back.
I really wish that there was a way for stitch control on DM quilting.  My control is not real consistant.

I was extremely pleased with the back design. It truly makes this a reversible quilt.
It shows up as a much brighter red than it really is.

I also learned what the lady that usually does my long arm work has mentioned about the designed back.  Quilting through all that on the back is really tough on needles and the machine.

But, all in all, I am pleased.  I feel sure that this will become a donation quilt at some time.


Friday, July 26, 2019

Back design

I love to do some  design on tht  back of quilts.  It helps use up scraps and sometimes lets me try a new pattern.  I have had this one on the to so list for a couple of years.

From Love of Quilting, September/October 2018.

Pattern is called  "First  Heartbeat ".

After I got the quilt  top ready,

I immediately pulled the magazine and begun calculating how many pieces  of each size needed to enlarge this from just two heartbeats  to three and also increase the width to fit my twin size quilt top.

I did some strip piecing and lots of pressing

Putting this together  in rows then sections.

The remaining will be the solid  wine color.

Hope to have this ready to sandwich next week

Thursday, July 18, 2019

Road trips help

Last week  we were on the road Friday, Saturday,  and Sunday.  I got the last sections together on the hand piece quilt project.

Not a great picture  but this measures 92x102.
I will get it sandwiched and ready to hand quilt by winter.

Making progress on getting  the charity quilt together.