Monday, October 5, 2009

Halloween Bags

Halloween is close approaching and thoughts began to turn to that old activity of trick or treat.  The grands are getting old enough to enjoy so I thought that I would put together some bags for all the goodies.

I went out on a limb and free hand cut my patterns.  To get the stiffness to maintain their shape, I use just a single layer of cotton quilt batting.  They are fully lined.

The girls have black cats and Julian's is a ghost.  I monogrammed the back.

Now I will get back to garment sewing.  Making something different is fun!

Happy Holloween!


  1. Oh, wow! They are going to love these.

  2. Nana,
    thanksf or stopping by my blog. You are right, the little ones do have a fighting power like none other.
    I love your treat bags. Too cute.

  3. Those bags are priceless! They will use them for years to come and never forget that Nana made these adorable trick or treat bags for them!
    What lucky little ones you have.