Friday, November 27, 2009

Holiday Season

David and I have enjoyed a wonderful Thankgiving and I look forward to the remainder of the holiday season.

Greg and Julie arrived the last Saturday and will be leaving tomorrow.  It is always to GREAT to have them home.  They came home this year with the special surprise that July will bring us a new bundle of joy to all of our lives.  This will be their first child.  While they were home, Julie and I spent a couple of days at my favorite fabric store, Main Street Fabrics, in Ackerman, MS.  We selected the fabrics to create a coverlet for their master bedroom.  I made a sample square to make sure that we have the colors like she wants before they go back to Texas.

Clif and Becky have been working very hard to get their house finished.  David went over a couple of days to help out.  Clif and Nora Ruth came for Thanksgiving dinner.  Becky was not feeling well. Her delivery date for their second little girl is Tuesday, Dec. 1.  They will get to come home to a new house instead of the apartment. 

Angela and Ted, Lola and Julian also joined us.  Julian is still having breathing problems but is a tough little guy and is always happy. Lola had a great time playing with Greg and Julie's dog, Timber.

My Mom(81) drove over and to enjoy this great day with all of us.  She brought the quilt that she is making for Nora Ruth's Christmas present.  It is almost complete, only needs to finish the binding.  She does beautiful work.  It is hand quilted.  She completed one for Lola and Julian last year.  Now with the 2 new babies on the way, this year will be very busy for her.  It's great to have her so active at this age. 

As you can see, our life is great! I have a wonderful husband and family. God has blessed us beyond words.
Hope that all of you have had a special week.

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Jackets for Winter

Fall has slowed me down 'bunches'.  I do not know what it has been but I have just not had the inner push to sew.  I have now completed the jackets planned for the 'grands' and a couple of outfits for the girls.

I made both Lola and Nora Ruth 'fake' fur jackets.  I did not get a picture of Nora Ruth's before I delivered. It was made by the same pattern as Lola's but was only a blue/brown pattern.  Nora's was the first and when I made the collar, I used the fake fur for both upper and under collar.  It was a little bulky so when I cut Lola's I tried a different approach and used a light weight corduroy for the under collar and it lays a little smoother.  Sewing is always learning.

Julian's favorite thing right now is 'Thomas the Train' so I made him a fleece jacket lined with a flannel in the 'Thomas' print.  When he saw it at the fitting, he was very excited.  Angela(Mom) said that he might wear it inside out.

Both of the girls got an outfit with leggings and a ruffled top.

and Nora got a long all in soft corduroy.  The little apples are out of a gingham and appliqued with a darker pink stitching.  I found a matching ruffle trim and used the darker dot ribbon to complete the outfit.


This has taken me 3 weeks to get them completed.  I have several more that I am planning before Christmas.  Hope that I can keep the momentum going.