Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Jackets for Winter

Fall has slowed me down 'bunches'.  I do not know what it has been but I have just not had the inner push to sew.  I have now completed the jackets planned for the 'grands' and a couple of outfits for the girls.

I made both Lola and Nora Ruth 'fake' fur jackets.  I did not get a picture of Nora Ruth's before I delivered. It was made by the same pattern as Lola's but was only a blue/brown pattern.  Nora's was the first and when I made the collar, I used the fake fur for both upper and under collar.  It was a little bulky so when I cut Lola's I tried a different approach and used a light weight corduroy for the under collar and it lays a little smoother.  Sewing is always learning.

Julian's favorite thing right now is 'Thomas the Train' so I made him a fleece jacket lined with a flannel in the 'Thomas' print.  When he saw it at the fitting, he was very excited.  Angela(Mom) said that he might wear it inside out.

Both of the girls got an outfit with leggings and a ruffled top.

and Nora got a long all in soft corduroy.  The little apples are out of a gingham and appliqued with a darker pink stitching.  I found a matching ruffle trim and used the darker dot ribbon to complete the outfit.


This has taken me 3 weeks to get them completed.  I have several more that I am planning before Christmas.  Hope that I can keep the momentum going.


  1. You have done bunches and bunches!!! So cute!!! They are lucky little ones!