Saturday, January 23, 2010

2010 Coming in strong

I am starting off great in 2010.

I always start more projects than I can possibly complete.(Am I the only one that does this?)  But I started a re-decorate of my bedroom 6 years ago.  I did the wall texturing myself an it took me over a year to complete.  As I took breaks from the painting, I worked on the bedding and window treatments. The bed ruffle was made and it is velcro-ed to the box springs for easy removal/cleaning.  I found the valance material and moved quickly to get them sewn.  It took me 6 months to decide on the drapery fabric.  I decided on a split crown moulding to give more height to the 8' ceilings. My sister was excited over my room and did a special oil painting to include. All this has been enjoyed over the last 5 years but I never felt that it was complete because I wanted to get some throw pillows for accent.  I finally completed the pillows and this project is complete.

This is a shot to show the crown mouldings and the pillows.  Oh, and I know that you can't see the picture very well,  but it was painted by an artist, Roberson, from the Townsend, TN -Smokey Mountain area and it is titled Growing Old Together.  I love the picture and the idea.

These showcase the window treatments, dust ruffle and our baby(old girl) Belle.  She homesteads in our room with us.

I had too much glare from flash because the dark walls have a gloss finish.  But Joy(sis) is very talented and I will cherish this for life.

The next completed project for 2010 is my first ever completed knitting project.  I started this project before I did the bedroom.  I have started many knittings before and never completed any.  Many were tossed in the garbage.  But this is an afghan for David.  He wanted it to be extra long so that when he stretches out in the recliner, he can wrap it under his feet and it will stretch to his chin.  I have worked off and on this for over 8 years.  I had not worked on it in soooo long that I had really forgotten how the pattern worked. I pulled it out to take with me on the trip to Texas in November, I think that I knitted and ripped out on about 8 rows the whole12 hour trip.  I determined then that if it ever got put away again it probably would not get finished   thus the push to the finish.  And it is done!! and I am really proud.....first knitting project complete. 

Maybe one day when it is cooler and I catch him asleep with it on, I will snap a picture to share.

Now, more exciting news.  I have also found a new fabric store.  It is about an hour/half drive from here in the little community of Dekalb, MS off the beaten path to nowhere.  The whole 'town' is abandoned except this "Village Fabric Shoppe".  I have never seen so much fabric in such a small place.  There were aisles that even I could hardly get down.  But, I found some fabrics and patterns to start spring clothes for the "grands" and I will be returning to this place many times in the future.

Even as pretty as these blend together, I had take other materials from my stash to they may or maynot be used together...

And last weekend I went to another sale, Heirlooms Forever, Tupelo, MS.  and this pile of buttons was still laying on my table from that fun trip.  There is a whole bag of Christmas prints for year long projects.

Enough for now, must get some sleep....lots of new stuff to plan for Spring.

2010 will be yet another great year.  Oh, how I love life.

Saturday, January 2, 2010

Happy New Year

We have had a great Holiday Season and a quiet entry into the New Year.  Sewing has been very slow.  I do not know what has gone with my time, but the winter season is moving fast and I did not complete all that I had planned.  But I have packed up that season of fabrics and plan to work on some projects for the house and a quilt for Julie during the next couple of months.

 Oh, I just realized that I have not announced that Clif & Becky's new arrival came on Nov. 30,  Alliene Davis Scott. She is a beautiful redhead

I completed the Christmas Pajamas in time to deliver before Santa came.  This first set was for Nora Ruth and  Alliene.

These were for Lola and Julian.

Now I am going to try and get the quilt for Julie completed before next Christmas.  Hopefully before Greg and Julie's new addition arrives in July.  So here is the sample block that Julie and I put together during the Thanksgiving visit.

My project for today is to remove the remnants of Christmas and prepare the house for the New Year, get the fabrics for the quilt washed, and continue knitting on an afgan for David that I have been working on for many years.  I really plan to complete it by the end of Jan.  Lots to do!