Saturday, August 7, 2010

Back to School

I have not posted in quite some time.  I have been extremely busy at the office, putting in a minimum of 50 hours a week.  This schedule leave me little time for family, hobbies, or blogging.  I do not see an end to this for quite a while. 

We did take time out in early July to make a trip to Texas to welcome our 5th granchild into the family.  Nathan Lee Scott joined us on July 9th.  He is the first child for our son Greg, and his wife Julie.  They have been married nearly 12 years and getting this little one here has been quite an adventure but Nathan and Mom are doing fine!  Julie will get to be home with Nathan for 10 weeks before she returns to work.  This is great because it gives her plenty of time to bond and develop that special relationship between Mom and Son.  Greg is going to be the 'stay at home' Dad and he is going to be Great! 

I have been busy since I returned from Texas finishing the last bit of sewing that I had to do for the summer. I really did not get much done this year but completed these few items and packed the rest of the fun summer fabrics away.  This will give me something exciting to start on in the gloom of winter next year.

This bright little skirt and T-Shirt was for Lola.  I had bought a new serger in May and had taken a class on the special stitches.  Just had to use what I had learned!  Angela, went wild over this one.  I think this is her favorite.

Since I did the Sea Horse for Lola, I had to come up with something 'beach-y' for Julian.

Nora Ruth turned 3 in May.  Her mom said that she would like a Minnie Mouse dress for her birthday.  She did not have a party for her in May and was going to wait until summer for a 'pool party'.  The party never happened, so I finally completed the dress and gave it to her to play in.

These next 2 are sister outfits.  Becky has purchased the material and pattern for Nora Ruth and gave me a Bubble suit to go by for Alliene. 

Summer sewing is over and it is sad to say, but school is now in session.  Angela's twins, 4 yrs old, started to public pre-K on Wednesday.  Lola's description was we played and ate.  Mommy's description was much different of course because this was the first time to drive up, and not get to take the babies inside to make sure that they safely arrived where you knew you could find them when you returned.  Also, the experience at the end of day was just as frightening for Mom.  She took off work to be home whth Margaret(sitter) when the children arrived on the bus.  The bus should have arrived between 2-2:30  and was an hour late.  Many attempts from Angela to contact school and bus service were fruitless.  Very un-nerving for the first day.  But, bus finally arrived, driver announcing that there had been bus trouble.  Children were fine and happy.

The children have to wear uniforms.  Angela was able to purchase Lola's but Julian is so thin she could not get him any shorts.  Therefore Nana had to come to the rescue.  Also, with Julian not being potty trained, and having the braces on his legs, Angela requested that they be the "break-a-way" type I have made in the past.  This is with the left side seam in velcro.  This makes it much easier to handle as everyone continues to try to get him trained.

So, Nana has completed 5 uniform shorts for Julian, which will get him to late fall.

Now, I am ready to get started on beautiful Fall projects.

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  1. Oh my goodness, you have been one busy Nana. The new baby is so cute! I'm in AZ with my 6th new one, a little girl! The break away shorts are ingenious!