Monday, August 23, 2010


I have been on a shopping spree again.  A small fabric shop here in Starkville is going out of business and I could not resist.  I bought up several pieces of gingham and fairly simple prints and dots.  Also, I bought a few pieces of 'scooba knit'.  I made me a pair of crop pants out of the knit for myself and plan to make Angela(daughter) some too.  It was fun to sew for me....and get something to fit.  It was just a simple pair of pull-on pants.  No pictures to show.

I am searching for someone who uses Explorations Embroidery Software.  I purchased this over a year agon and then added the applique, and reshape modules.  I have been working all summer on a simple design to combine applique and embroidery and have not been successful. I have tried to go on the website for assistance, but they do not seem to respond.  The store that I purchased from offers classes but they are usually during the week and not convenient for me.  If you know of anyone that works with these type things, please share my request for help or maybe if you have some links to embroidery design blogs, I could find some assistance there. 

Happy Sewing

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