Saturday, October 23, 2010

Fall Has Arrived

I walked outside this morning around 5 AM and the air was sooo crisp!  I came back in and began to scan the great blogs that I enjoy, fixed me a pot of coffee and I have been inspired to dig in and get some fall sewing done this weekend.  Even though the great outdoors is is beautiful at this time of year.  Maybe will take a break later today for a walk in the woods.

You can see from the above photos that the leaves and pine straw are beginning to cover the ground, yet the trees are still full.  No need to start raking now.....there is much more to come.

I will take Miss Belle with me this afternoon when we go for a walk.  She loves the crisp outdoors.  She has to stay inside through the heat of the summer.

We made a trip to Texas last weekend to spend time with Greg,Julie, and Nathan.  Enjoyed the time with Nathan(4 mo.).  He is growing so fast that trips to Texas will be much more frequent or we will miss getting to remember him as an infant.

I have finished a few Fall projects.  The firefly out fit for Nora Ruth is just a pattern that I made myself.  I have jsut a tissue bodice that I free hand cut, and all the ruffles are just rotary cut to length needed to complete the garment.  I took a basic pants pattern and modified to complete the project.

The top below was made for Angela(dau)out of a beautiful batik.  I had originally purchased thinking of Lola but Angela expressed a love so here it is.  It is made by Simplicity 3786 which is a great pattern with several selections to choose from.  It was very simple to make, I am thinking about getting the pattern in my size and making me one.

Below are the projects on the table for this weekend.  I hope that I get a couple complete.  I am so easy to get side tracked especially when the weather is so beautiful.  I am going to try and just open the windows in the craft room and pretend I am outside.

This will be a modification of the  pattern below.  I have made this pattern a couple of times and the girls love it.  I am going to have to get some brown thread to edge the ruffles, don't like the cream color.

A fall top for Lola.

A long bubble for Aillene.

A cut and sew skirt for Angela and top to complete the outfit.

Gone to sewing.


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  1. Thank goodness Fall has come!!!! Our trees are beginning to turn and are so pretty!
    You are a very busy lady with all those projects going on!