Thursday, October 28, 2010

Happy Halloween

I had great plans last weekend to get many projects off my table.  But as always, I get sidetracked.
I really needed some brown wooly nylon thread for one of the started projects.  Where I live, to purchse anything sewing related, it is an hour drive.  My Mom has been wanting to search for some red dress knit to make herself a dress.  So, begins the adventure for Saturday. 

We went to Tupelo and which took most of the day and came home with 4 spools of thread.  Needless to say, not much got completed.

I did complete a skirt and top for Angela(dau).  Back in the summer when I had created one for her little one, Lola, she said she wanted an adult version of this skirt.  So the only changes I made was not to piece Angela skirt with different fabrics only cut her fabric on different grains of the fabric.

This was Lola's.  The sections of the skirt were serged together using the flatlock stitch.  The ruffles were edged with the serger roll hem.  I used  machine quilting thread for all the decorative stitches.

Angela's skirt is made in strips of a dark brown batick with a horizontal pattern.  Cutting the different sections on opposite grain gave a vertical/horizontal pattern for more interest in the skirt.  All of the decorative stitching was done with a grey pearl thread.

The outfit was completed with a simple peasant top made from a cream batik print.  The sleeve and hem line were finished off with the same grey pearl thread in a roll hem stitch.  Very different patterns/colors but both have the same grey in the print and looked very good together.

After this was completed, it dawned on me that I had a deadline project that must be tackled.  I had to get a "trick or treat" bag completed quickly.  Alliene(10mo.) did not have the needed bag for a successful gathering of loot. So all other planned projects were pushed aside and the race was on to make sure she was ready for Halloween.  I completed it on Wed. night and "Whooty" has been delivered. 

Hope that all of you have a safe and Happy Halloween.

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  1. Great adult version of the skirt!!!!
    Lucky little one to be collecting her loot in that great bag!!!!