Sunday, December 5, 2010

Winter Seaing

Weather is getting more like winter and I am at least 2 months behind on the sewing that needs to get done.  I have been seing every chance I have but they are very few.  I did get a few things completed this last week and delivered this morning.

The first were the brown outfits below.  Lola has red hair and the brown is beautiful on her.  This top has a small opening at the front neck and the elastic detailing both front and back.  The pants are a pattern that I have used before that were cropped.  I just added length and left out the pleating around the knee.

Julian's is a simple grey t-shirt with an embroidery pattern that I purchased last year from Embroidery Library .com.  I get quite a few of my patterns from there.  Good quality, easy downloading great instructions. His pants are the "break away" with velcro on the side to make going over the braces and getting to the bathroom easier for everyone.

The last deliveries were also to Lola and Julian.  I used the no-pill fleece and made simple poncho's.  I had no pattern, just took a scrap cloth and measured on Tuesday to Nora Ruth while she was at the house.  Cut a neck opening using a jacket pattern that had a hood, and worked from there.  Both of them are reversable.

Lola's is lined with a 'fluffy' darker lavender.  Both sides have a pocket center front, and the fleece side is monogrammed.  I sewed right sides together on the hood and neck opening, turned and top stitched.  all around the lower edge is just put together with a blanket stitch.

I guess that in the rush to get the deliveries made, I did not snap a picture of Julian's.  But, in little boy style, his is a tan with chocolate monogram and the reverse side is camoflauge. 

Not sure how excited kids were over poncho's, but Mom, Angela, was delighted.  I hope that they will be an easy jacket to use for these 4 year olds.

Hope that this week will be as successful!!!   I need to clean out some sewing.