Tuesday, February 22, 2011


I must share with my friends the excitement we had today.  Many of you may not know that my grandson Julian has cerebral palsy.  He will be 5 years old on March 12.  He cannot walk unassisted and he has not been successful with knowing and being able to relate to others when he needs to potty.  Today he hit a large milestone in his development.  He made his first complete day at school, in "big boy" britches.  He did not wear a diaper! Little things like this are tremendous development advances.  Yea!! Julian.

Now on to sewing projects.  January and February, I designated to do something different other than clothes for the grandchildren.  I seem to have a hard time focusing on a project to completion.  I changed from the quilt for Julie to a quilt for me.  This was to be a "quick" project.  But, I never do anything simple, I can always add more.

This quilt is quilted as you go.  The circles are put together in this order:
layer 1 is the batting,                      
Layer 2 is the quilt back place face out.

layer 3 is the quilt front turned face down on the back.

Sew the complete circle, then cut a slit in the front fabric to turn the circle.

I am running an embroidery pattern in the center of each circle, using the same thread both upper and bobbin threads.  Therefore the quilt will be reversible.

Then you begin to sew the circled together.

The ears that fold back will be tacked down and as 4 circles are connected a flower design will form.  I do have all the circles sewn, just have not completed the embroidery.

My next project was to tackle making a shirt for myself.  I have not been successful making me clothes in 15 years.  I chose a NEW Look Pattern that has some fullness, therefore I just need to fit the shoulders and underarms now and will deal with the hipline on other things when I get this mastered again.

The fabric was from the existhing stash, a soft poly-cotton plaid.
The yoke is cut on the bias, pleated giving a little change in the pattern.

I am getting close to fitting time.

If this turns out wearable, I will model for you.

On to the machine for progress.

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  1. What a unique quilt this will be! I can't wait to see it! The shirt is great so far. Those tucks look great on the plaid fabric. I am beginning to get the urge to sew for myself too. I'll see how it goes for you.