Sunday, April 24, 2011


Easter came and I did get the sewing completed on time.  It has been a push. Working has been long and arduous this spring.  And looks like there will not be a letup any time soon.  I have not had time to even read many of your post that I enjoy so much.

I will share some of the pictures and hopefully I can get back to posting more regularly.

Lola's was a Sew Beautiful pattern.  She selected the white fabric from the stash and the pattern from the drawer.  Angela(Mom) was not thrilled but said, "Nana see what you can find to highlight it and work your magic."  Below is what we have and I think everyone was well pleased.

Julian's was a pattern from an older Ottobre magazine.  If you haven't taken a look at those, you might be surprised.  They have some really nice, different patterns for little boys.  Something that is hard to find.
  He looked really "dapper" in his blue linen.
I did not make Nora Ruth and Allie's easter dresses but did monogram these little Just Blanks for them to wear to the Easter Egg Hunt and their church.

This is Allie and her dad Clif(my youngest)
Becky and Nora Ruth below, I think that Becky purchased the girl's dresses off of Etsy.  They were very cute little paint splash prints.
Lola and Julian with my Mom, with David, my hubby in the background.
I have made about 6 pairs of shorts for Nora and Allie out of scraps just for playtime.  I am going through my stash and anything that is large enough for shorts, the kids are getting.  Trying to use up the left overs before they get too large to use them.  I have a stack set aside for Lola and Julian that I will get busy on this week.

Hope you all had a great Easter and were able to celebrate our eternal hope with the ones you love.