Friday, October 21, 2011

Quilted Placemats

Another WIP complete!  I have completed a practice project started 2 years ago.  I had gone to a class for free hand quilting and started a project to make some placemats, to practice my new learned skill.  I chose fabric that would go with the kitchen decor.  I completed the quilting almost a year ago but had never bound the mats.  Since I now have a pushing reason to learn how to bind off a quilt.....I found a nice tutorial video on the web from Leah Day( and the binding is complete.  I did a very tight meander free hand quilting, using some large fruit embroidery patterns from Embroidery  The color scheme of yellow/red would have gone very well with the kitchen decor on the day the project began.

Sad to say, the kitchen  is in the throws of a major renovation and this color combination will probably not work any more.  I have not made the final choices for color.....but at this time, I am moving away from yellow.

The push to learn the quilt binding technique is shown below.  Also another WIP from 2 years ago.  Julie's quilt top is complete.  The backing has been put together and it is now time to quilt and bind.  I have practiced the techniqe of binding and I am now ready.

I am going to meet with Cheri Weber, quiltedbird, in Tupelo next week to discuss the quilting.  Plan is to have this ready for Christmas. I am very excited about it. 

I have take time off from sewing clothes for several months to complete many dream projects that I have started/planned over the years.  These are 2 of many WIP's moving off the shelf.  Will keep moving on to clean the shelves.  Have more thoughts in my head.....but will not allow new project starts until some are complete.

Monday, October 3, 2011

Surprise! Surprise!

I have, over the years, started many sweaters both in crochet and knitting but never completed them.
While we were in Texas in July, I purchased the yarn for a sweater and it is finally complete.  It was a pattern from Interweave Crochet, Spring 2011.

I hope that it will fit Ally, my 2 year old granddaughter.  Since I am not an accomplished needleworker, so whoever it fits, gets the sweater.

Maybe the next one will be more planned, and sized accordingly.

Still learning, but it was satisfying to complete a crochet project.