Monday, July 7, 2014

Kitchen Week

Kitchen Week

I have been very busy over the last week but not in the sewing room.  I have been in the kitchen.

Mom and Sis went to a friend's house because the apples were falling green and they picked up more than they could handle.  I purchased a Breville Juicer last year and quickly ran the apples through to extract the juice.

Blackberries were ready and I purchased 2 gallons @ the farmers market.  For some reason, I decided to pre-cook the blackberries before putting through the juicer thinking that I would get more juice.  This was a disaster.....Juicer does not work that way.  I was back to the old fashion way of putting through sieve and straining.....  Some times stupid just sets in.....I had run the blackberries through the juicer last year and it was a charm......

But, finally we have apple and blackberry jelly.
The weather has been wetter than normal for the month of June.  Donnie(D&G Farms-Nettleton, MS), the vendor that I get fresh veggies had an abundance of tomatoes that were ripening and splitting.  I got a great price and purchased 75 lbs.  These were transformed into jarred quartered tomatoes.
Tomato Juice.


and Relish.

The blueberries are also ready.  Saturday morning, Sis and I went to U-Pick @ Reese Orchard, Sessums, MS.  I picked over 7 lbs.  I spread them on newspaper to let the dew dry, tried to pick the stems off and bad berries out.  Placed on trays to freeze. Then Sunday morning I got them vacuum sealed and placed in the freezer.
 I put these up in cooking packages, some have 1 cup and some have 2 cups.  Then for what ever the recipe calls for it is already measured.  If they are just for eating I can use a small package. 

The tomatoes in my garden boxes are now producing well.
This was about half of this morning's pick.  I have given away to family several bags of the Roma's and cooked off a small cooking of tomato sauce from the ones that I have kept.  Spaghetti will be in the menu for this week.  The regular tomatoes are just coming in.  I will get to eat my fill of BLT's over the next couple of weeks.

Hope kitchen work will be slowing down  and I get back in the sewing room now.


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  1. What do you use to vacuum seal your food? My hubby and I have a garden this year, and since we don't can (and aren't sure that we want to learn), we plan to freeze our excess produce. We were thinking about getting some kind of food saver/vacuum sealer but didn't know where to start or what to look for. Any help would be appreciated!