Friday, November 14, 2014

Starting Christmas

I have begun working on Christmas projects.  I know that I am running late....but that is my usual pace....behind.

I have decided that the grandchildren will fall under the theme of Bedtime and Books for Christmas.
I started with pillow cases, will follow up with pajamas, and end with either books or magazines.  Each of the families are very limited on space and home school the children.  So, I decided that this would be practical and educational.

Girl's pillowcases.

Boy's pillowcases.

Next I was asked to put together a lap quilt for the holiday open house at Main Street Fabrics.
This ended up being my first venture into quilting, not in the ditch.   I did quilt part of this in the ditch and drew the diagonals and used the walking foot to quilt the center of the panel. 
I then drew the quilting design on the green and orange borders and did this by FMQ(first time ever).
I was only give a set amount of fabrics and the way that I decided to put the  front together  required that I had to piece the back.  I used the 'left overs' from the black, green, and orange from the front binder strips to create the striped strip.
Very hard to see the quilting in the photos and probably good.....not just real good.  I told Christie at the store to hang this high so that it can not be inspected too close.
Then I needed to get the final groceries out of the garden and prepare the winter plants for the upcoming cold weather.
Last of the tomatoes and peppers.

My hubby used PVC pipes and 6mil plastic to created covers that can be easily rolled off and on depending on the weather to protect from frost and freeze yet allow for watering and sunshine on warmer days.  Hoping to continue to get lettuce, cabbage, greens and cauliflower for a while longer.

Last project for the week was a request from my sister.
Hope you all are planning a great family Thanksgiving.