Monday, January 23, 2017

Another Star

**Morning was spent in a meeting 
sometimes we volunteer and wonder why later

I volunteered(myself and Hub) to help a friend who is the director of the local TaxAide a program through

Did not think through the time involved.....
It has been many years since I have been involved in 
tax law.....taxes
What was I thinking.........

Oh well......10 weeks(one afternoon a week)
I can make it through

**Sadie completely stressed out after surgery
Did not sleep from Thursday to Sunday night
paced continuously during the day
sat in the same spot each night when we placed the e-collar on
no sleep
 Here she is dozing off with her little head propped
as she would drift off and nearly fall the pacing began
new type e-collar and med for sedation
sleep comes and she can/will function on daily activities
without me having to constantly watch to reduce the licking
pacing continues
only 6 more days

Yea!!!quilting relaxes me
continued (slow) progress on the hand quilting
another star completed


  1. poor Sadie :( I am sure she will be back to normal soon - I really like that collar you have for her, my poor boy had a cut and needed one of those massive plastic cones - not fun! Quilting keeps me sane too :)

  2. love that quilt on your header of your blog