Friday, June 27, 2014

Quilt delivered

Quilt Completed.

I finished the quilt for Thomas.  I got it washed to make sure that all chalking was out and it was ready to use.

Thomas is two.  He was over on Thursday with his dad, Clif.  I had put the label on the quilt and it was ready for delivery.  I gave the quilt to Clif and he was very excited to show to Thomas.

Clif, opened the quilt to show, and said, "Thomas, look what Nana made for you.  Do you need a new blanket to keep you warm?"

Thomas's answer.  "No."  (In his usual non-interested mode)

Oh, How I love the honesty of children.

But I think Clif and Becky were very excited over the quilt.  I'm sure in years to come, Thomas will be much more expressive.

I embroidered the label and used a blanket stitch to attach.(forgot to snap a pic)

Hugs & Cuddles
From Nana to Thomas
Summer 2014

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