Tuesday, December 22, 2015


I have been extremely lax in keeping up the blog.  I have been sewing like a mad woman for months and gardening in between.

I did complete all the Christmas projects on Sunday......and they are delivered or wrapped.

I completed all 8 grandchildren the traditional PJ's and made several other gifts.

These first 2 were requested because they were supposed to be used for a feature in the local newspaper.  These were for Lola and Julia.....9yr old twins.

The gowns and PJ's are for Nora(8) Allie(6), and Thomas(3).

Elcey and Everette(18 mo twins), Nathan (6)
I first made the gown top for Elcey.....but with brothers, she sometimes wants to dress like the boys. So to make sure that she would have special PJ's I also made her the fox shirt too.  Now she has a choice.

I completed some pillows for the Sunday School Mission Auction

I quilted a wall hanging for Julian as part of his Christmas.

These are just the Christmas items......too much other to cover  now.

but I am extremely excited to finally get my Funky chickens completed and hung......a project that has been on my table for quite sometime.

Hope you all have a Very Merry Christmas and get to spend time with family and friends.


Saturday, July 4, 2015

Happy Independence Day

I hope that everyone has had a great 4th of July.

Special thanks to all those that have ever served in our Military to allow us the freedoms that we experience in the US.

We, at our house, have had the greatest 4th in many years.  This was the first time that our 3 children and their families have been together in more than 4 years.  Amazing how life and time separates but what a wonderful day to celebrate family.

My Mom, Sister and one of her daughters were also table to join us for a wonderful time together.

The grandchildren had a wonderful time playing together all afternoon.  Reminder of all the wonderful youthful years when we also enjoyed the family times with our cousins so far removed from our lives now.

Geeds always provides plenty of food to satisfy everyone.  Even the youngest enjoy the ribs.

and Geeds gets to relax and enjoy all the family.
As we close for the day
We must all remember that God has provided us this wonderful land and freedom.
 Our forefathers understood this as our government was based on "In God We trust".
We must never forget and make sure that we close each day with our prayers of thanks.
And as we move into a new Presidential race, more than ever, our prayers should be for a God fearing leader.
God Bless America

Friday, May 22, 2015

Using up Stash....

Using up Stash.....

I decided this week to go through my box of knit scraps to see if there is anything useable for the twins that are 1.  If it would not work for them, it scraps went to the garbage.  I am trying so hard to reduce the clutter in the closet.

I was able to make a couple of things for Elcey. 
This is made by a 6 mo. Riley's from Bonnie Blue.  This fabric has been in the box for at least 6 years.  I seem to remember making something for Lola and she is now 9.

This next top is a me made this up.....pattern....just something to use the stash.  There will be a pair of the shorts made out of the blue.

Next....My grandson Julian is 9 and has Cerebral Palsy and is going to a camp for the first time. Last year his twin sister, Lola, went to camp and I made her a laundry bag.  Julian had the opportunity to go to camp but would not make the decision to go it alone.  He was a little disappointed that I did not make him a laundry bag. I promised him a bag when he went to camp.  His was delivered....and he is very excited to be going to camp next Tuesday.

Then my last sewing accomplishment was a pair of shorts for one of Lola's friends.  She had seen Lola's(These)

 and wanted a pair in Pink and Black.  You can not imagine how hard it is to find that color combination when you need it.....any other time it would be all over the fabric store.  But, They have been delivered and I think that they turned out very well.

I think.....that was it for the week.....
Except gardening....but no picture.....


Monday, May 18, 2015

Saturday Garage Sale

A quilter friend had shared a notice that another quilter/seamstress was selling her "store".  Downsizing to move closer to her children.

Up early on Saturday to make the hour long trip to a "FuN" garage sale.

Here was my haul.....all for less than $100.

about 30 quilting stencils

Patterns and notiions

fabrics from 1/4 yard to 6 yard pieces

quilting templates and sewing tool
Fun Saturday!!!

Thursday, May 14, 2015

Re-Open Etsy Shop

Back around 2009 after I returned to sewing, I decided to try my hand at an Etsy Shop.  Working full time and trying to prepare enough items to get the shop going did not work.  I put this on hold and Mid-March this year I decided to give it a go.  Originally I was going to concentrate on just toddler clothing.  Now, it will be whatever I want to make from clothing to home-dec.

These are the type items that I have started with.  2 versions of gym shorts for children sizes 2-14.

I have found a pattern for Surfer Shorts for little boys and will be getting some of those made this week.  Went shopping for fabrics earlier this week.  The bright prints will be for the shorts.....
I have also purchased some fabrics to make shirts and shorts for little boys and have a sample on the site.

I am also trying to perfect making the "skort" idea.  Lola loves skirts but always wears the "budi" shorts under them.....I am trying to create me a pattern for those and attach them to the skirt.  Hope to have this ready for her to take home tomorrow.


Sunday, May 10, 2015

Happy Mother's Day!!

Of all the rights of women.

The greatest is to be a Mother

I hope that all of you enjoy a wonderful day with your children.

Saturday, May 9, 2015

Lost Spring......

Have not posted in soooo long.
I have been very busy, but not social.

Excuse me as I whine for just a moment and then I will move on to brighter things.

Feb 6. we had to make the choice to let our pal Belle breathe her last breadth.  14 years of her constant companionship and love has been very hard to deal with and move on.  I am more than the ordinary dog lover.  They become my children and she came into out lives just as out last child left home.  She had prevented for these 14 years the empty nest syndrome for both myself and my husband.

Hubby and I have both had several sicknesses....(him)upper respiratory infections,(me) strep throat, pneumonia.

Hopefully we are on the road to recovery of life in general.

As for Sewing....brighter things!!!

heavy in pictures
Spring sewing has been somewhat successful.

Early Spring outfits for Nora Ruth, Allie, and

The girls spring dresses are made by a pattern that I have posted earlier(here).  The pattern is easy to make and very cute on.  For Nora, the first was a Green/Orange print...with lime leggings.....cut/made size 10.  Tooo large.  Hung that in the closed and use the Lavender/Lime Chevron and the same leggings....cut/made size 7.  Great fit.

I cut the pattern down to size 5 for Alli's.  Very cute Grey/Pink Elephant print and Chevron leggings.  Perfect.

These would get the Florida girls ready for Spring.

Thomas is my Ninja Turtle Man.  Some happy clothes for him.

Lola for Easter. A cute Simplicity Pattern from the Madison Collection.

Lola is 9 but this was made by a size 6.  She is very tiny but a very girly girl....ruffles and lace.

added a few photos to show up the trim on top and ruffle.



One for Me!!

This is not a stashbuster.....all materials purchased last fall with these patterns intended.
I have used the blouse pattern last summer as a sleeveless, size 8, and loved the wear.  The sleeved is just as comfortable.  I love the tiny tucking details.
The Vogue pattern was a new try, size 10.  Love the pattern.  Way.....to long for short people.  I measured, shortened 3 inches before cutting, 6 inches after made.  This cut a lot of the fullness out of the bias pieces in the front. But, all in all.....I still like the fit and amount of design that shows.  I had read the PR's on the bias in the pattern....I followed the pattern instructions....but not sure that it was worth the recuts required.....simple time hanging would probably handle the same issues you face with bias. 


Stashbuster Project

I started this back in early January posted (here).  Color coordinated cloth baskets to help organize scraps.   Project has continued using only scraps on hand.


Quilt of Valor.

This is a project that has been on my project wish list for sometime.  The top is pieced and all the materials gathered for quilting.

There are more updates to come......
As I have said......very busy.....not social

I have buried myself at home....for several reasons....but have also felt very productive.

Gardening is going along....even though I have not been physically able to do a lot......
Great dinner yesterday with the first cuttings of fresh broccoli.
And, a wagon load of fresh mustard greens.
Glad to be back.