Thursday, May 14, 2015

Re-Open Etsy Shop

Back around 2009 after I returned to sewing, I decided to try my hand at an Etsy Shop.  Working full time and trying to prepare enough items to get the shop going did not work.  I put this on hold and Mid-March this year I decided to give it a go.  Originally I was going to concentrate on just toddler clothing.  Now, it will be whatever I want to make from clothing to home-dec.

These are the type items that I have started with.  2 versions of gym shorts for children sizes 2-14.

I have found a pattern for Surfer Shorts for little boys and will be getting some of those made this week.  Went shopping for fabrics earlier this week.  The bright prints will be for the shorts.....
I have also purchased some fabrics to make shirts and shorts for little boys and have a sample on the site.

I am also trying to perfect making the "skort" idea.  Lola loves skirts but always wears the "budi" shorts under them.....I am trying to create me a pattern for those and attach them to the skirt.  Hope to have this ready for her to take home tomorrow.


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