Friday, May 22, 2015

Using up Stash....

Using up Stash.....

I decided this week to go through my box of knit scraps to see if there is anything useable for the twins that are 1.  If it would not work for them, it scraps went to the garbage.  I am trying so hard to reduce the clutter in the closet.

I was able to make a couple of things for Elcey. 
This is made by a 6 mo. Riley's from Bonnie Blue.  This fabric has been in the box for at least 6 years.  I seem to remember making something for Lola and she is now 9.

This next top is a me made this up.....pattern....just something to use the stash.  There will be a pair of the shorts made out of the blue.

Next....My grandson Julian is 9 and has Cerebral Palsy and is going to a camp for the first time. Last year his twin sister, Lola, went to camp and I made her a laundry bag.  Julian had the opportunity to go to camp but would not make the decision to go it alone.  He was a little disappointed that I did not make him a laundry bag. I promised him a bag when he went to camp.  His was delivered....and he is very excited to be going to camp next Tuesday.

Then my last sewing accomplishment was a pair of shorts for one of Lola's friends.  She had seen Lola's(These)

 and wanted a pair in Pink and Black.  You can not imagine how hard it is to find that color combination when you need it.....any other time it would be all over the fabric store.  But, They have been delivered and I think that they turned out very well.

I think.....that was it for the week.....
Except gardening....but no picture.....


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  1. Four cute projects completed. Congratulations. I hope Julian enjoys summer camp as much as I always did!